Experts share the latest storage solutions making homes more efficient in 2021

Following a year filled with new routines and unexpected at-home activities (think: school, work, exercise, entertainment, et al.), the storage capacity of our homes has been pushed to the limit. We asked industry experts about the storage problems people are most looking to solve in 2021, plus the storage solutions they expect to see stick around in the future. This year, it’s all about finding ways to hit refresh and help our homes work harder so we don’t have to.

Personalized Mudroom Storage
Mudrooms will continue to be in high demand in the coming year, according to Lee Crowder, national director of design & model experience at Taylor Morrison. More than just a drop zone, mudrooms are evolving to include dedicated storage for each member of the household. “Rather than having everyone’s shoes end up in a giant basket where you can’t find anything, give every family member their own hook and basket to store their items,” says Crowder. Cubbies, bins, lockers, crates, and hangers also do the job, as long as they’re marked for the intended user. Labels, color coding, or photos help identify storage and keep everyone on track. This individualized approach not only contributes to peace of mind, says Crowder, but it also helps everyone get out the door more efficiently when it’s time to leave.

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